Learning is a key step towards creating community understanding and harmony. There are many ways schools can participate in Harmony Week, from opening up classroom discussions on acceptance to inviting local community members to be involved in a Harmony Week activity.

We encourage schools to contact us to discuss ideas and learn how best to engage with the wider community. Harmony Day has also released detailed lesson plans and online resources.

Make sure you register your event to be included in the state-wide program.



Harmony Week invites workplaces across Tasmania to consider how best they can promote the benefits of diversity in the workforce.

The benefits of creating diverse and inclusive teams are clear with a growing body of research conducted by the Diversity Council of Australia showing inclusive workplaces are linked to greater creativity and innovation.

A Taste of Harmony is an ideal way to share the message that everyone belongs. The national campaign encourages staff to share food and stories from different cultural backgrounds to help create a greater understanding of one another’s background. You can find event suggestions and ideas online.

We want to learn about the great initiatives taking place in your workplace so please register your event online and be included in the state-wide program.


Youth & Community Groups

Promoting inclusion and diversity is an important part of ensuring our communities are vibrant, positive places for people to live. All members of the community, including young people, and in particular those who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), can play a vital role in being active leaders in this area.

Harmony Week presents a wonderful opportunity to engage people in informal spaces outside of the school and workplace, and while doing so, build stronger, more resilient communities.

Get involved, organise a community event, or host a workshop on the topic of culture and diversity. Register your event, inspire others and let people in your community know how they can get involved.