Join the groundswell of people celebrating Greater Hobart’s cultural diversity.

Harmonious Hobart is a positive messaging campaign that celebrates cultural diversity in Hobart whilst also welcoming refugees, migrants and international students from around the world to our shores.

If you want to get involved there are four simple steps:

    1. Write on piece of paper a message that celebrates cultural diversity
    2. Have someone take a photo of you holding that message
    3. Email the photo to
    4. Share your photo on your social media pages with #HarmoniousHobart


As Governor of Tasmania I wholeheartedly embrace the creativity, culture and cuisines that a diversity of peoples are able to bring to Australia’s island state.

I encourage us all to have compassion for and understanding of the different journeys – some borne out of hardship and danger – which bring people of all cultural persuasions to live in our city of Hobart.

Our collective Tasmanian identity is both thousands of years old and youthful and ever-changing as we welcome new migrants.

So my message is simple: we are all very fortunate to live in Hobart and it should be our common goal to continue to care for this wonderful island and for each other.

Commissioner of Police – Darren Hine
We are the flowers of one garden - Boshra – City of Hobart
Showing RESPECT to people and cultures - Jess – City of Hobart
Opening our minds to new ideas - Marisa – City of Hobart
Opening the rest of the world – Chris – City of Hobart
Our differences are our strengths - Ekaterina – City of Hobart
Hobart, the smart place to be - Scott – City of Hobart
I welcome our newest community members - Sean

Harmonious Hobart is an initiative of: